RAPS Charitable Trust

“We commit ourselves to supporting the underprivileged in our society”

Our trust’s object is social, medical, educational & welfare of poor people. The aim and objects of trust is to assist the members of the society who are suffering physically from a long time. To create awareness about cancer, India’s most common cancers, the head and neck cancers.

At the global fund for children, we transform the lives of children on the edges of society—trafficked children, refugees, child labourers — and help them regain their rights and reach their potential.

Also offers social, educational, economic and medical services, geriatric hospital, home care, cultural services and disabled children upliftment, offering social welfare services like old age home, education, widow welfare, food & care services for the orphan and other human rights.

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Our Vision

We works on the basic principle "Do only what is best for the child". We wish to be recognized by society as an honest team deeply committed to the welfare of the child, unborn or born.

Our Mission

"RAPS charitable trust is committed in finding families for homeless children, as every child deserves a permanent loving family of his or her own".

Objectives of the Trust

The objectives of the RAPS charitable trust are divided into primary and secondary objectives related to and needed in children and women welfare.

About Us

The founders of RAPS Group established RAPS Charitable Trust for the greater good of the society by contributing personal wealth. Strong personal urge for upliftment and contribution to the welfare of the society led the founders of RAPS to invest in philanthropic activities with focus on the following areas...

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Our Goals

"Every purchase you make supports our cause” & " Cashback Shopping Donates that earned Donations!"

"We commit ourselves to supporting the underprivileged in our society."

"Give back to the society which has given so much to you”, has always been their philosophy."